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Why Be A Brand Partner

If you own a business, you have probably found yourself thinking:

  • I know the services my business provides enhance the lives of my clients– if only I could get in front of them consistently
  • It’s important that I connect with decision-makers; that’s how I generate revenue
  • I don’t have a lot of time to network, so I need an effective strategy

The problem is, running a business requires a lot of resources, and it’s important to maximize both time and finances.
What’s the solution? Partnering with someone who has a strategy and the connections to ensure you are engaging with prospective clients who believe you have the solution to their problem.

Why Rosie?

When I moved to the United States from Ecuador as a teenager, I knew I wanted to be part of what makes this country so unique. As a woman business owner, passionate about Economic Prosperity, and the possibility of living the American dream, I know what happens when an impact driven entrepreneur easily and effectively connects with ideal clients and decision makers, who both need and want your services.

As a result, you will:

  • Save time by knowing which events to attend because your prospective supporters are there
  • Save money by not running expensive ads or investing in events that will have little to no influence on your campaign
  • Create more impact with your message and mission, with
  • Experience momentum because you have a strategy that works

Brand Partner Offer

$1250 Per Month (6 Month Minimum)

  • Consulting Services/Coaching – 30 minutes 2 x month with Rosie
  • Marketing Opportunities Meeting – 30 minutes 1 x month with Rosie
  • Rosie’s Amigo Listing– RPE has a directory on the website with partners
  • Brand Endorsement – Logo & Link to your website on Rosie’s Brand Partners page on our website – hotlink to your direct website
  • One dedicated email total including your logo/event details will go out to our marketing list (6200 people, with open rate of 15%. Client provides swipe copy
  • One Cafecito Episode Pre-recorded via Zoom – 30-minute, interview style to promote your business. Includes files for your usage to promote, as well as RPE promoting to their platforms.
  • One “Social Media Shout Out” post to all our platforms – Endorsement from RPE
  • One mention in newsletter that partnership was initiated
  • An email introduction to potential business relationship – 10 emails and the client provides a hot list at any time over the 6 months
  • One Brand sponsorship at a Rosie event to promote your company, product, or service. Includes 5 minutes to introduce yourself to the audience. Industry-specific/no competition – we will provide the space in the venue, and you provide your own table and collateral
  • One guest blog published on about your business, product, service, or event – client provides written content
  • In-person lunch business meeting with potential business relationship – ONE total over 3 months. RPE pays for the lunch.
  • Cafecito (Virtual) Episode Live 60 minutes total – Townhall concept, with handpicked Ideal clients attending so you can present on your topic of expertise and then hold Q & A. Includes promotion of this event by RPE to social media and email. Includes recording original files for your own use as Social Media Marketing Material. ( on the 3rd Month)
  • Host a LIVE, IN PERSON event moderated and facilitated by Rosie – client hosts, picks venue, RPE can provide suggestions. RPE will fill the room/invite the people with goal of 10 – 25 people in attendance. Client responsible for payment of venue, any food or beverage and AV equipment. (On the 5th month)
  • Guest speaker presentation Cafecito Networking event with Rosie – 15-minute total presentation, Q & A time included in that. The client can pick a venue. RPE can provide suggestions
  • Rosie’s Amigo Listing (1 Year)
  • dvertisement in Rosie Paulsen Ñeque Book (Business Card Size)
  • Rosie will act as an MC for your event
  • One event per month added to the “Where’s Rosie?” calendar, and Rosie will attend that event

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