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Agent Onboarding

Bienvenido to the First Step on to your best career every!

Accept the Facebook invitation to our private group: S&R Services (Community Changers)

Agents to establish a Gmail specifically for Medicare. A sample that I have been giving everyone is as follows: askcarmen.medicare@gmail.com
Watch the Tutorial

Create a Medicare designated line on google. Click Here to follow the Google Tutorial

Note: After 90 days or 10 sales, you will have an option to request S&R LLC to create a branded email

Professional Headshots

(S&R Services LLC will provide resources for opportunities however it is one your best interest to get one)

Business Cards

(S&R Services LLC will provide 100 business cards to start with). Create a Virtual business card by accessing HiHello

Note: You do NOT need to purchase the paid version for the QR Code Scott Paulsen will create one for you!

Watch the Tutorial

NEW Licensed agents

After passing score from the “Department of Financial Services

After 72 Hours. Click Here to find National Producer Number (NPN).

Here are the instructions to follow

Once you have your NPN, Print Insurance License, which is needed for Contracting! Click here

Start On-Boarding with Field Marketing Organization (FMO) Health Plan Markets (HPM)

New Advisor Onboarding Link fo100%100%r S&R Services. Click Here. *Use Medicare designated personal email

Complete the on boarding link first step using the video below.

Purchase an Errors & Omissions Policy (E&O) with National Association of Professional Agents (NAPA).

  • Cost approximately $400 per year for less than two licensed agents.
  • Business Tax deduction expenses

Purchase America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). First time study and pass all 5 modules. Final text has three to get a 90% score. Following years modules to complete 4 & 5. The applicant will have to transmit the passing score to carriers they are contracting with. The Cost of this is between $125 to $175.

Click Here to access “AHIP Resource” Folder

Transferring agents

Must obtain a release letter on company’s letter head from previous FMO.

From October to December, no changes of hierarchy can happen Blackout period

Agents Return requested files on PDF format

  • Driver License
  • Health Insurance License
  • AHIP Certificate
  • E&O Certificate

*Companies to start contract with

Watch the Video below for how to complete on boarding link Last step

If you are a “New” agent and have never got contracted with a company. Select “New”
If you have been contracted before Select “Transfer”. We will need a release letter from your prior Field Marketing Organization (FMO)

Any questions on these steps, Call Sam Diaz or Jessica Curtis at (844) 696-3975 or samdiaz@askhpm.com

NEW Licensed agents

Humana/Care Plus

Humana/Care Plus Same Portal. There is no test but will have to go through the portal once receive the email invitation to complete the steps and receive a ready-to-sell email.


Devoted Process starts with creating an account with them once invitation is received. This will be your ongoing way to access portal. Complete the course and take a 20-question test. Passing Score 85% and they have 3 attempts. Access google folder for resource guide on test. Once Completed you will receive a “Ready to Sell Status”


AETNA not the friendliest one but the same thing, you will receive an invitation email to confirm, you will transmit the AHIP Score, and they will continue the training course with a Test at the end. Make sure NIPR information matches with their records. There is a Test with 80% Passing score. Access google folder for resource guide on test. Once Completed you will receive a “Ready to Sell Status”


Freedom/Optimum There is an additional training and test of 20 questions with 80% passing score for this carrier. Access google folder for resource guide on test. Once Completed you will receive a “Ready to Sell Status”

United Health Care There is Training and test for this carrier, but additionally, must be certified to sell Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP). This policy is for people that have Medicare and qualify for Medicaid. This is the only company that requires this additional training everyone else is only one test. There is an optional course to sell “Medicare Supplemental/Medi Gap” policies with the AARP endorsement, and United is the company that provides those services. This training is additional but optional. There is a Test with 80% Passing score. Access google folder for resource guide on test. Once Completed you will receive a “Ready to Sell Status”

Keep in mind “YOU” are not able to speak to clients about plan benefits until receiving a ready-to-sell status, but you can make appointments for Medicare 101 reviews and a licensed agent, IE “Rosie” will accompany on the appointment to use as an opportunity for training.

Once you ready, start your social media presence by creating a “Facebook Page” Your Name – Medicare Broker. Create or Update your Linked Profile and Create a Page for your Medicare Broker Business
Access the Agent 101 class on google drive under Training Videos. Click Here

Read “Ñeque” The Mindset to get what they want. Upon completion,
Request access to Complete “Ñeque” Online Academy.
Agents will be able to take advantage of the RPE-Business Resource Center Training and meeting space.
Incentive after completing the first “New into Medicare” Sale agents will receive a $200 reimbursement bonus from S&R Services. Apply to NEW Agents Only