December 23


09:30 am - 10:30 am

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Ñeque Academy Events


Rosie Paulsen Enterprises LLC

Success is about having #Ñeque, or grit, to find your purpose, then pursue that and turn it into a career or business.

Hi, I am Rosie Paulsen and I will guide you through all the thinking, planning, and executing to go from dream to reality!

If you are ready, my proven system will teach you how to use your personal experiences as the basis of finding your #Ñeque (resilient mindset).

The Four Components of #Ñeque will help you achieve a thriving, successful & profitable business. Discovering your #Ñeque will help you attract your paying customer on the premise that people do business with those they “Know, Like and Trust.”

Learn proven tools and tips you can use immediately in your business adventure.

Join me and discover the #Ñeque within you so you can develop a “Resilient Mindset” for a thriving, successful, and profitable business.