Do you have inner grit and resilience? I know many of us have had to overcome adversity in our lives. Rosie Paulsen shares with us in this book about her journey. As I read each page of her story and the wisdom she shares on each page, I was touched, moved and inspired. I met Rosie while participating in the Hispanic Professional Women’s Association. I found her energy to be very contagious! She was voted by all of us to be a President. She is a leader who cares about other opinions and was always looking for ways to Make A Difference in our community. This book brings forth her talents of being focused on helping all of us be our best. She is a Mentor with a spirit that is always moving forward and she encourages us to follow our dreams. Each chapter will help you reflect on what you have already done in your life and what is next for your future. I truly was rejuvenated after reading and I encourage you to purchase NEQUE The Spirit of a Resilient Mindset by Rosie today and get started with your next adventure!