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Using the four components of Ñeque as a guide, I will teach you how to find your Purpose, Persist, Persevere, and Pivot into the life & career you have always desired. Get clear on what God created you for and use that clarity to fulfill your purpose!

Fulfill Your Destiny

All entrepreneur and business leaders’ success stories have one thing in common – they all share their story of ñeque, the inner grit, and resilience that enabled them to reach their goals.

What’s your passion? Do you know what you were born to do? Ñeque is a mindset, and finding your ñeque will empower you to stay focused, so you can accomplish what you were born to do.

Having emigrated from Ecuador as a teenager, I credit my resilience and grit for empowering me to build three successful businesses in the United States. all while juggling family and personal life.

Today, I am an accomplished Commissioner, Public Speaker, Published Author. and successful Medicare Broker. And now I am sharing the keys to my success with YOU.

This self-guided online course will teach you to find your Purpose, Persist, Persevere and Pivot into the life and career you have always desired.

What You’ll Learn in The Four Components of Ñeque:

Rosie Paulsen Enterprises is committed to helping everyone succeed, which is why we provide so many valuable resources and connections to other business owners. Get involved, get connected, and together, we all can grow.

Component 1: Purpose

After completing this component, participants will be able to:

• Identify their life’s purpose and use it to attract their paying tribe

• Find Clarity (Clarity is power)

• Recognize their DISC Personality Type

• Dream and Dream Big

• Become a Happy Success Story

• Learn when and to whom to delegate what

• Identify self-sabotaging behaviors and stay away from them

Component 2: Persistence

After completing this component, participants will be able to:

• Connect with their Ñeque

• Become their own biggest fan

• Identify their priorities in life

• Practice moving forward from the past

• Select ideal partners

• Build others up and help them achieve their potential

• Make lasting positive changes in their community

Component 3: Perseverance

After completing this component, participants will be able to:

• Identify the importance of investing in their most significant asset (themselves)

• Recognize their strengths

• Develop a “Resilient Mindset”

• Find their voice and command attention when communicating

• Embrace change with open arms

• Embrace their F.A.T. (Faithful Available Teachable)

• Choose the right words and actions to live a truly rich life

• Construct the right course of action when plans go awry

• Pay themselves first, guilt-free and be mindful of investing in their future

Component 4: Pivot

After completing this component, participants will be able to:

• Recognize when it’s time for a change and how to pivot

• Understand how to construct meaningful relationships within their community

• Create a lasting legacy that will impact others for the best

• Gladly invest in their community – Give Back

• Develop an unwavering attitude of gratitude

• Identify ways to make a difference in the world – starting in your community

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